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Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict (IFHV)
Ruhr University Bochum (RUB)
Bochumer Fenster, 4th floor
Massenbergstraße 9 B
44787 Bochum

Room: 4.15
Tel.: +49 234 32-27934
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RESEARCH FOCUS Public International Law, International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict, Human Rights Law, German Constitutional Law, Climate Change in Law and Governance.
10/2014 Appointment as Managing Director ('Geschäftsführender Direktor'), IFHV, RUB.
04/2014 Chair for Public Law and International Law, esp. International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict, Faculty of Law, IFHV, RUB.

03/2014 Positive Evaluation of Juniorprofessorship (03/2011-03/2014), RUB.
2011-2014   Juniorprofessor for International Law and International Humanitarian Law, IFHV, and since 2012 co-opted at the Faculty of Law, RUB.

2006-2010 Doctoral Dissertation (PhD) in International Law, 'The Human Right(s) to Water', European University Institute (EUI), Florence, Italy.
2008-2010 Master of Public Policy, Kennedy School of Government (HKS), Harvard University, Cambridge, USA.
2000-2006 University Exam in Journalism & Communication Studies, Institute for Journalism, University of Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany).



First German Legal State Exam (with distinction, 'gut'). Legal studies at the Universities of Hamburg, McGill (Montréal, Canada) and Humboldt (Berlin, Germany).

Awards, Scholarships and Research Grants (Selection)
2014 Award of Membership in the Arab-German Young Academy (AGYA), Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities & Stiftung Leopoldina.

2014 Hertie School of Governance Student Association (HSA) 'Best Teacher Award' for the course 'Law and Governance' voted by HSoG students.

2012 Election to the Advisory Board of the 'Studienkolleg zu Berlin', Representative of the German National Academic Merit Foundation ('Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes').

2011-2013 Membership in the Global Young Faculty for excellent young researchers at universities in the Ruhr region, Mercator Foundation Research Center Ruhr.

2011 Award of Career Integration Grant (Seventh EU Framework Programme) for a project about the future of the right to water.
2010 Harvard Kennedy School 'Dean's Award for Excellency in Student Teaching 2010'.
2010 'Harvard Kennedy School Carr Center PAE Human Rights Award 2010'.
2008-2010 McCloy Scholarship from Harvard University, the 'Haniel Stiftung' and the 'Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes' for a Master of 'Public Policy' at the Harvard Kennedy School.

2006-2008 Scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for PhD thesis at the European University Institute (EUI), Florence, Italy.
2001-2006 General scholarship of the 'Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes'.
1999-2006 Awarded several German scholarships, e.g. by the 'Gemeinnützige Hertie Stiftung', 'Studienkolleg zu Berlin', 'DAAD' and 'Deutscher Bundestag'.

Organization and Moderation of Conferences and Symposia (Selected)
Since 2011 Organization and Moderation IFHV-Research Colloquium-Series regarding International Humanitarian Law (3-4 lectures per academic year).

2016 Panel: “Third Generation Human Rights” Conference: World Conference on Humanitarian Studies, Changing Crises and the Quest for Adequate Solutions, 5-8 March, Addis Abeba.
2016 Panel: “Human Rights in Humanitarian Crises” Conference: World Conference on Humanitarian Studies, Changing Crises and the Quest for Adequate Solutions, 5-8 March, Addis Abeba.
2016 Presentation on the Current Refugee Situation with a focus on climate migration, Institute on Development Research and Development Policy (IEE) and Law Faculty, 20 January and 12 February 2016, Bochum.
2015 “The Legal Dilemma of Climate “Refugees”: Solutions on the Micro- and Macro Level of International Law”, Conference “Fluid Nature, Fluid Cultures”, organized by the Arab German Young Academy, 10 September 2015, Malta.
2014 Symposium – Organization and Moderation: Independence Movements in Europe: The Cases of Scotland and Eastern Ukraine, A Symposium in Honour of Joachim Wolf, 23 May 2014, Bochum.

2013 Co.-Conference Organization: From Cold War to Cyber War: 25 Years of IFHV and 20 Years of NOHA (with Prof. Dr. H.-J. Heintze, C. Lülf, and K. Behmer), 14/15 November 2013, Bochum.

2013 Co.-Organization and Co.-Moderation of a Panel Discussion as part of the Third World Conference on Humanitarian Studies, Panel: Climate Change, Migration and Conflict: Humanitarian Perspectives and Responses, 26. October 2013, Istanbul.

2012 Co.-Organization of 'Anreizsysteme – eine Möglichkeit zur Verbesserung der Lehre?', Presentation of empirical study on university incentives of ways to improve teaching performance at selected German universities in the framework of 'Global Young Faculty', 4 December 2012, Bochum.

2011 Organization and Moderation of the Panel Discussion Libya – Quo vadis?, 20 April 2011, Bochum.
University Administration (Selected)
11/2014 Election to the Executive Committee of RUB's Research School Plus (funded by the German Excellency Initiative) representing the Social Sciences.

09/2014 Election to the General Assembly of the Network on Humanitarian Action (NOHA), Brussels.
2013-2014 Spokesperson of the NOHA Lecturers at RUB, NOHA Master.
2013-2014 Member of the Early Career Researcher Board, RUB Research School Plus.
2012 Representation of the Juniorprofessors in the final round of the RUB's candidature for the Excellency Initiative of German Universities.
Other Relevant Engagement and Memberships
Since 2014 Member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationales Recht [German Society of International Law].
2014 Lecturer at the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, spring academy: 'Secession, Autonomy and Independence in International Law', with Prof. Dr. A. von Arnauld, March 2015, Annecy, France.

Since 2013 Member of the Advisory Board of the Völkerrechtsblog [Blog of the Working Group of Young German International Lawyers].
2011 Lecturer at the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, summer academy: 'Rhetoric and Negotiation in Law and Politics', with A. Audretsch, September 2011, Nice, France.

2009-2010 Co.-spokesperson of the German McCloy Scholars at Harvard University.
2009 & 2010 Main Organizer of Harvard Kennedy School's Annual Ball ('Harvard Viennese Ball').
2007-2009  Associate Editor of Human Rights in International Investment Law and Arbitration, (P.-M. Dupuy, E.-U. Petersmann & F. Francioni (eds.)), OUP.

2006-2007 PhD Student-Representative & Member of Academic Council, EUI.
2005-2006 Teaching Assistant of negotiation lecturer Dr. M. Young, Berlin.
2005 Assistant Attaché at the Permanent Mission of Germany to the UN, New York, with a focus on peacebuilding and disarmament.
Monographs & Editorships
Since 2012 Editorship (eds. with Dr. K. Rosenow-Williams) of ‘IFHV Humanitarian Studies Working Paper’- series.
2015 (forthcoming (summer 2015), eds. with Prof. Dr. H.-J. Heintze and Prof. Dr. J. Herman, textbook: Humanitarian Action in a Nutshell: Advanced Introduction to the Core Competencies and Learning Stations of Humanitarian Action, Interdisciplinary Textbook to Humanitarian Action, (Chapters: Law; Int. Relations; Management; Medicine; Anthropology).

2015 (eds. with Prof. Dr. H.-J. Heintze), edited volume: From Cold War to Cyber War: The Evolution of the International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict over the last 25 Years, Springer Publishing.

2014 Special issue ‘The Protection of Water under International Law’, Journal for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict (JILPAC/HuV-I), No. 01/14.

2013 Monograph: The Right(s) to Water: The Multi-Level Governance of a Unique Human Right, Springer; reviewed in: JILPAC/HuV-I (2014) by L. Hofmann and European Yearbook of Human Rights (2014) by H. Montag.
Articles in Journals with Review Procedure
2015 “Re-Conceptualizing the Human Right to Water: A Pledge for a Hybrid Approach”, Human Rights Law Review 15(2), pp. 225-249.
2015 ‘On the Constitutionality of a Main Committee in the German Bundestag’, with T. Ackermann, in: The German Law Journal, March issue, 17 pages.

2014 ‘Großer Ausschuss oder Großer Ausschluss? Zur Verfassungsmäßigkeit eines Hauptausschusses im Deutschen Bundestag’ [‘On the Constitutionality of a Main Committee in the German Bundestag’], with T. Ackermann, in: Zeitschrift für das Juristische Studium, No. 5/2014, pp. 497–504.

2013 ‘Die Anerkennung oppositioneller Gruppen in den Fällen Libyen 2011 und Syrien 2012 [‘The Recognition of Opposition Groups in the cases of Libya 2011 and Syria 2012’], in: JILPAC/HuV-I, No. 1/2013, pp. 34–43.

2013 ‘Schwerpunktbereichsklausur – Europäische und Internationale Wirtschaft: Sonne und Regen über Rubesien’ [European and International Economic Law: Sun and Rain over ‘Rubesien’], in: Juristische Schulung (JuS), No. 4/2013, pp. 332–345.

2013 ‘Anreizsysteme – Eine Möglichkeit zur Verbesserung der universitären Lehre?’ [’Incentive Systems – A Possibility to Improve University Teaching’], with B. Kiefer et al., in: Journal Hochschuldidaktik“, No. 1–2/2013, pp. 7–10.

2012 ‘The Status and Future of International Law after the Libya Intervention’, in: Göttingen Journal of International Law, No. 1/2012, pp. 11–45.

2012 ‘Judicial Passivism at the European Court of Human Rights’, in: Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law, No. 3/2012, pp. 341–348.

2011 ‘Should there be a 5% Threshold for Elections to the European Parliament? The view of the German Constitutional Court’, with Prof. Dr. M. Dawson, in: Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law, No. 4/2011, pp. 603–605.
Articles in Edited Volumes
2015 (forthcoming (summer 2015)): ‘International Criminal Law’, in: Humanitarian Action in a Nutshell: Advanced Introduction to the Core Competencies and Learning Stations of Humanitarian Action, Prof.Dr. H.-J. Heintze, Prof. Dr. J. Herman and Prof. Dr. P. Thielbörger (eds.), 20 pages.

2015 ‘International Law of the Use of Force and Transnational Organised Crime’, in: International Law and Transnational Organised Crime, Prof. Dr. P. Hauck and Prof. Dr. S. Peterke (eds.), Oxford University Press (OUP), 25 pages. 

2015 ‘International Peace and Security and the Effects of Climate Change: Time for a Green Security Council?’, in: From Cold War to Cyber War: The Changing Nature of the International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict, Prof. Dr. H.-J. Heintze & Prof. Dr. P. Thielbörger (eds.), 22 pages.

2013 ‘Governing International Watercourses: Implications of the Human Right to Water’, in: Water Law and Cooperation in the Euphrates-Tigris Region, R. Wolfrum et al. (eds.), Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, pp. 39–59.

2013 ‘The Right to Water: Effective Multi-Level Protection of a Multi-Faceted Human Right? An Application of the Kadi and Medellin Approaches to the Case of the Right to Water’, in: Reflections on the Constitutionalisation of International Economic Law, M. Cremona et al. (eds.), Brill, pp. 553–569.

2012 ‘Positive Obligations under the ECHR after the Stoicescu Case’, in: European Yearbook on Human Rights 2012, W. Benedek et al. (eds.), Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, pp. 49–58.

2012 ‘Water and Dignity’, in: Wörterbuch der Würde, R. Gröschner, A. Kapust and O. W. Lembcke (eds.), UTB Fink, pp. 323–324.
2009 ‘The Human Right to Water versus Investor’s Rights’, in: Human Rights in International Investment Law and Arbitration, P.-M. Dupuy, E.-U. Petersmann and F. Francioni (eds.), Oxford University Press, pp. 487–510.
Legal Essays and Conference Reports
2015 “Grün ist die Hoffnung – und der Krieg?”, POLAR Online Magazine (19), September 2015.
2015 “Water Scarcity - Cause for War or Peace?”, RUBIN Science Magazine (online).
2014 ‘Verhältnismäßigkeit im Völkerrecht’ [‘Proportionality in International Law], Review of the joined conference of the German Society of International Law (DGIR) and the Working Group of Young International Lawyers (AjV), 12-13 September 2014 in Göttingen, with H. Montag, in: JILPAC/HuVI 04/2014.

2014 ‘Das Menschenrecht auf Wasser und Sanitärversorgung’, [‘The Human Right to Water and Sanitation’], Guest Commentary on: Website Germany’s Relief Coalition (Aktion Deutschland Hilft), 9 September 2014.

2014 ‘Delivery of Weapons to the Kurds of northern Iraq: A new chapter in German Poreign Policy?’, in: The Legal Tribune, 27 August 2014.

2013 ‘The Legality of Weapons Delivery to Syrian Rebels under International and European Law’, Bochumer Kurzbeiträge zum Humanitären Völkerrecht (Bofaxe), No. 426E.

2013 ‘Climate Change in the German Federal Elections: No Country for Green Men?’, with Prof. Dr. M. Dawson, London School of Economics Blog.

2013 ‘Klimawandel im Bundestagswahlkampf: No Country for Green Men?’, with Prof. Dr. M. Dawson, Hertie School Expert Blog.
2013 ‘Sicherheitsratsresolution zur Situation im Kongo: Erstmals Blauhelme mit Kampfauftrag’ [‘Security Council Resolution on the Situation in the DRC Congo: Blue Helmets on a Combat Mission for the First Time’], with M. Schneider, Bofaxe, No. 424D.

2012 ‘Zum Frieden während der Olympischen Spiele: Keine naiven UN Resolutionen mehr’ [‘On Peace during the Olympic Games: No more naive UN Resolutions’], in: Die Zeit Online, 29 July 2012.

2012 ‘Kony 2012 – Chancen und Risiken einer Jagd auf Kriegsverbrecher über die neuen Medien’ [‘Kony 2012 – Chances and Risks regarding the Hunt for War Criminals through Social Media’], with R. Ramsahye, Bofaxe, No. 402D.

2012 ‘Haiti Two Years After the Earthquake – A Case for the Responsibility to Protect?’, with M. Liburd, Bofaxe, No. 399E.
2011 ‘Die 5% Hürde wird auch für den Bundestag fallen’ [‘The 5% Threshold of the German Bundestag will fall’], with Prof. Dr. M. Dawson, in: Die Zeit Online, 18 November 2011.

2011 ‘Haftbefehl gegen Muammar al-Gaddafi – Keine Immunität vor dem IStGH?’ [‘Arrest Warrant against Muammar al-Gaddafi – No immunity before the ICC’], Bofaxe, No. 387D.

2011 ‘Die Fälle Gotovina und Mladic – Versöhnung des Balkans?’ [‘The cases of Gotovina and Mladic – Reconciliation in the Balkans?’], Bofaxe, No. 386D.
Media Interviews  

‘A mandate of the German Bundestag for the training of Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq by German soldiers’, Frontal 21, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), 28 October 2014.


‘Delivery of weapons to Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq’, Rudaw TV, 6 September 2014.


‘Imminent Infringement of International Law by the US in Syria?’, Hessen Radio Info, Hessischer Rundfunk (HR), 10 September 2013.


‘The situation in Syria from an international law perspective’, Morgenecho, Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR 5), 7 September 2013.


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