Friends of the IFHV

The association ‘Friends of the IFHV’ – an association that promotes the research and teaching of the international law of peace and armed conflict – was founded on 15 February 1991 in Bochum (Germany).


Aims of the association

  • Promoting academic research and teaching in the fields of international humanitarian law, humanitarian studies, peacekeeping including disarmament, arms control and international and non-international armed conflicts;
  • Initiating and supporting research projects on basic as well as recent issues of the above-mentioned areas of research.


Activities of the association

  • Organizing and conducting of international conferences and meetings of scholars and students of the above-mentioned areas of research;
  • Supporting scientific contact between experts as well as supporting and steering research projects in accordance with the association’s statute;
  • Providing assistance to research facilities which work in the above-mentioned areas of research.


Become a member

Any natural or legal person may become a member of the association. Members get the opportunity to

  • Support and take part in the association’s activities;
  • Attend the annual assembly of the association’s members;
  • Receive information about the activities of the association as well as about recent developments in research and teaching in the areas of international law of peace and armed conflict as well as humanitarian studies.


The annual membership fee is staggered:

  • Low-income or non-income earners: 10 €
  • Other individuals: 30 €
  • Legal persons: 150 €


If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out the application for admission [DOC].


Donate to the association

As a non-profit association, the association is primarily financed by donations and membership fees.
It pursues solely and directly charitable, i.e. academic, social and cultural, objectives.
We are grateful for any financial support in order to realize these goals.
If so requested, we send donors a receipt for their donation.


Bank details:
IBAN: DE04 4306 0129 0209 9921 00

Get involved with the ‘Friends of the IFHV’. We look forward to hearing from you!



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