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The journal 'Journal of International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict'
(JILPAC) ('Humanitäres Völkerrecht – Informationsschriften', HuV-I) 
is the leading German journal for research on international
humanitarian law, human rights and peace-keeping law. It is published 
quarterly by the German Red Cross – Headquarters and the IFHV.

Bofaxe – that is the IFHV's scientific snapshot of up-to-the minute
news in international law. The staff of the IFHV and other attributed
scientists write Bofaxe regularly.

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IFHV Working Papers

   Bluebooks / Bochumer Schriften
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The IFHV Working Paper Series intends to stimulate the humanitarian
discourse, contribute to the advancement of the knowledge and
understanding of the practices, policies and norms of humanitarian
action, and last but not least seeks to attract comments, which
improve the content of the working paper for further publications.
The Bochumer Bluebooks ('Bochumer Schriften') are a series of
monographs and edited book collections on the international
law of peace and armed conflict and humanitarian studies.
They were published by the IFHV in the years 1989-2007.
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