6 weltkarte 2015 

Research within the IFHV is based on a research programme concerning the problematic and dynamics of the humanitarian complex. Based upon the tradition of grounded research in the field of international humanitarian law, the current IFHV research programme has extended its research into the field of humanitarian studies. The inclusion of researchers from the faculties of social sciences, geo sciences and medicine provides the IFHV with a profound multidisciplinary character.
The IFHV aspires a mix of applied and fundamental research projects in its research programme in order to contribute to both societal as well as scientific discourses.


Our research programme is based on:

  • Larger research projects, which include research seminars and conferences and aims at major book publications;
  • Individual researches, which aim at publications in peer reviewed articles and edited volumes as well as the public at large; and last but not least;
  • PhD research.

In addition, the IFHV provides support for guest researchers.

On these research pages you will find: