Bofaxe Volume 2002

Number Date Author Title
230E 27.11.2002 Noelle Quénivet No way out of the legal black-hole: The decision of the UK Court of Appeal in the Abbasi Case
229E 29.11.2002 Noelle Quénivet The use of gas for law enforcement purposes: the hostage crisis in Moscow
228E 07.11.2002 Noelle Quénivet The limited scope of the investigation on sexual exploitation of refugees by humanitarian workers
227E 30.10.2002 Noelle Quénivet The puzzling trial of John Walker Lindh, the American Taliban
226D 11.09.2002 Danja Blöcher/Noelle Quénivet Die bilateralen Abkommen: zulässig unter dem Rom-Statut?
226E 05.09.2002 Noelle Quénivet Bilateral agreements: permissible under the Rome Statute?
225E 19.07.2002 Noelle Quénivet Security Council Resolution 1422: a reward for opponents of the ICC Statute?
225D 19.07.2002 Sven Peterke und Noelle Quénivet Sicherheitsrat-Resolution 1422: Belohnung für die Gegner des IStGH