Volume 2022

Number Date Author Title
621E 20.04.2022

Tobias Wirthle

COVID-19 Triage and the Persistent Problem of Disability Discrimination in Healthcare

620D 05.04.2022

Prof. Dr. Pierre Thielbörger

Nachruf Knut Ipsen

619E 04.04.2022

Sebastian Wuschka and Elisabeth Hoffberger-Pippan

Of Legal Creativity and Plausibility of Rights: The ICJ’s Order on Provisional Measures in Ukraine v. Russia
618E 30.03.2022

Ilja Djatschkow

 Humanitarian Visas to Escape from the Taliban?
617E 08.03.2022

Lea Bilke, Vanessa Bliecke and Ella Schoenleben

Abortion in Latin America Through the Lens of the IACtHR (Part 1) - A court trapped between revolution and reluctance
616E 02.03.2022 Lisa M. Cohen and Lorrenz Rubner How Pressing ‘ENTER’ Gets You to The Hague (Part 1) - Cyber War Crimes under the Rome Statue
615E 16.02.2022

Jan-Phillip Graf

The Death of the Prohibition on the Use of Force - An Attempt at Reimagination(I)
614E 11.02.2022

Vivien Wefringhaus and Maja Bergfort

Clean Up Your Mess! - Are States obliged to remove plastic waste from Global Commons?
613E 03.02.2022

Jan-Phillip Graf and Romina Pezzot

Ecocide – Legal Revolution or Symbolism?
612E 28.01.2022

Spyridoula Katsoni

Is the Feministisation of the ECtHR’s Abortion-Related Jurisprudence a Realistic Expectation? - Putting the Ecthr's interpretation of the 'Right To Abortion' under the feminist microscope
611E 24.01.2022 Mais Masadeh One Court at a Time: Challenges of Universal Jurisdiction and Enhancing International Justice - Lessons learned through Al-Khatib Trial