Jan-Phillip Graf

Research Associate & PhD Student


    Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict (IFHV) Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) Bochumer Fenster, 4th floor Massenbergstraße 9 B 44787 Bochum Germany



    Research Interests

    International Law, International Human Rights Law, Rights of the Child, International Humanitarian Law, Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, International Relations, Global History


    Since 09/2020

    PhD Candidate in International Law (Dr. jur.), IFHV, Ruhr-University Bochum

    08/2018 - 09/2020

    Master in International Law, Graduate Institute Geneva

    08/2019 - 12/2019

    Exchange Student, Harvard Law School

    10/2015 - 09/2018

    B.A. in International Relations, Dresden University of Technology

    09/2017 - 12/2017

    Exchange Student, Boston University

    10/2011 - 09/2015

    B.A. in History (pending), Ruhr-University Bochum

    Work Experience and other Activities

    Since 01/2021

    Judge for the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition

    Since 09/2020

    Research Associate, IFHV

    Since 09/2020

    Associate Member of the SYLFF Mikrokolleg on Forced Migration at Ruhr-University Bochum

    04/2019 - 08/2019

    Research Assistant, UN International Law Commission

    01/2018 - 03/2018

    Research Assistant, IFHV

    10/2016 - 08/2017

    Statistics Tutor, School of Mathematics, Dresden University of Technology

    Most recent Publications


    "Jule Giegling: Challenges and Chances of a Written State Report - Analysis and Improvement of a Monitoring Instrument on the Implementation of Human Rights", Journal of International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict 4 (1-2) (2021).


    "The Future of “Climate Refugees” in International Law", with Spyridoula Katsoni, Völkerrechtsblog, https://voelkerrechtsblog.org/the-future-of-climate-refugees-in-international-law/.


    "Let Kids be Kids!: The Procedural Dimension of the 'Best Interest of the Child' Principle in International Migration Law," Journal of International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict 3 (3-4) (2020): 236-247, doi:10.35998/ huv-2020-0013.


    "A Childish Idea: The Proposed Child Rights Amendment to the German Constitution," Verfassungsblog, https://verfassungsblog.de/a-childish-idea/.


    "A pushback against international law?: Legal analysis of allegations against the Frontex mission in the Mediterranean" with Kai Budelmann, Völkerrechtsblog, https://voelkerrechtsblog.org/articles/a-pushback-against-international-law/.


    "The U.S. v. The Rest of the World: How the Recent Attempts to Reinstall Sanctions Against Iran Undermine the Security Council," Völkerrechtsblog, https://voelkerrechtsblog.org/articles/the-u-s-v-the-rest/.


    "How Immune Is China Against Civil Lawsuits in U.S. Courts?," Dresden International Affairs Review, https://www.ddiar.de/post/how-immune-is-china-against-civil-lawsuits-in-u-s-courts.


    "A Boom for Chemical Weapons in 2018," Dresden International Affairs Review, https://www.ddiar.de/post/a-boom-for-chemical-weapons-in-2018.


    "International Criminal Justice for Cambodia?," Dresden International Affairs Review, https://www.ddiar/post/international-criminal-justice-for-cambodia.


    "The Status of Human Rights in Russia," Dresden International Affairs Review, https://www.ddiar.de/post/the-status-of-human-rights-in-russia.


    "Ost-Ghouta - das neue Aleppo?: Bewertung der humanitären Lage," BOFAXE, https://www.ifhv.de/documents/bofaxe/bofaxe2018/504d.pdf.


    "Wirklich "one of the worst deals in history"?: Zur Zukunft des Atomabkommens mit Iran," BOFAXE, https://www.ifhv.de/documents/bofaxe/bofaxe2018/501.d.pdf.

    Grants and Awards

    Since 09/2020

    Young Leaders Fellowship of the Tokyo Foundation

    11/2015 - 09/2020

    Scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation


    Excellency Grant from the Rhine-Ruhe Employers Association

    Conferences & Panels

    2 February 2021

    Presentation at the Lions Club Hagen, 'Protection of the Rights of Migrant Children in Europe and the World' (original title: 'Der Schutz von Kindermigranten in Europa und der Welt'), Lions Club Hagen

    14 December 2020

    Discussant at the book launch event, 'Challenges and Chances of a Written State Report. Reforming a Monitoring Instrument on the Implementation of Human Rights?', Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict, Bochum

    4 November 2020

    Presentation at the IFHV Research Colloqium, 'Let Kids be Kids! On the Procedural Dimension of the 'Best Interest of the Child Principle' in International Migration Law,' Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict, Bochum

    5 October 2020

    Invited expert, VENRO Working Group on Humanitarian Assistance, 'Basic Legal Frameworks and Mechanisms in International Law for the Protection of Humanitarian Actors,' Berlin

    9 September 2020

    Presentation at the IHEID Master Thesis Share, 'Explosive Investments. How International Law Regulates the Financing of Cluster Munitions,' The Graduate Institute, Geneva

    Language Skills

    German (native)
    English (fluent)
    French (advanced)
    Russian (intermediate)
    Spanish (basic)