Volume 2023

Number Date Author Title
649E 16.05.2023

Lisa M. Cohen

Trojan Horses with Emergency Lights.
International Law and the (Mis)use of Ambulances for Military and Law Enforcement Purposes.

648E 08.05.2023

Rouven Diekjobst

Sea-Level Rise at the Security Council.
On Multiplied Threats and Implied Powers.
647E 03.05.2023

Vivien Wefringhaus

Trash or Treasure?
On How E-Waste Toxifies Our Livelihood and Whether International Law Can Prevent It.
646E 20.04.2023

Spyridoula (Sissy) Katsoni

An Unneighborly Gift in Times of Need.
Are States Required to Admit Persons Displaced by the Impacts of the Recent Earthquakes?
645E 14.04.2023

Pierre Thielbörger, Jan-Phillip Graf

Prisoner of War Videos on Facebook.
IFHV Submits “Amicus Brief” to the Meta Oversight Board in Case Concerning the “Armenian Prisoner of War Video”.
644E 13.04.2023

Vanessa Bliecke

Too Young to Be a Criminal?
What International Law Has to Say About Lowering the Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility.
643E 11.04.2023

Aaron Dumont

Just Like Ukraine, But Worse?
Some Thoughts on the China-Taiwan Situation.

642E 05.04.2023

Dilara Yaman

Heads of States Before the ICC.
On the Arrest Warrant against Putin and Its Consequences.

641E 30.03.2023

Mara Ebbers

Forcing Women to Deprioritize Their Health?
An Analysis of the IACtHR’s Ambiguous Stance on Abortion Rights.

640E 27.03.2023

Sonja Susann Schäfer

When A Princess Causes a Nightmare.
A Legal Assessment of the Environmental Disaster off the Coast of the Philippines.

639E 15.03.2023

Mara Ebbers, Anna Müller

New Ways to Deal With Old Crimes?
A Legal Analysis of Past Injustices From Today’s Perspective.

638E 20.02.2023

Teresa Weiß

Military Success > Global Food Security.
Is Russia Violating the Right to Food Outside Ukraine Through the Invasion of Ukraine?

637E 11.01.2023

Tillmann Lindner, Giacomo Romis

When Silence Is Not Golden but Puzzling.
Reflections on the Duty of the ICJ to Provide Reasons for Its Decisions.